Laser Therapy Instructions

Healing occurs at an individual’s own rate and is affected by outside influence such as mechanical* or bacterial trauma.

For example when you cut yourself and a scab forms, it will fall off as the tissue matures and becomes stronger and more resistant. Please let your mouth/gums have enough time to heal.

Oral Hygiene Instruction Guidelines:

  • manual brushing may be allowed at 7-10 days
  • floss at 3-4 weeks (above gum-line only)
  • electric toothbrush at 4-6 weeks (not going below gum-line)
  • oral irrigators 3-6 months (above gum-line only)
  • keep patients on Chlorohexidine the entire time they are not brushing (about 2-4 weeks) and switch to a non-staining antimicrobial rinse (Listerine, Crest Pro-Health)

*Mechanical trauma can include but is not limited to:

  • hard, crunchy food
  • incorrect oral hygiene/aggressive brushing
  • brushing or flossing too early on
  • exercise!!! – No exercise for one week following laser therapy. Doctors will advise when it is safe to resume exercise regimen

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